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Grab Handle, "Gnarly Grips" Small 1.25"- 1.875" dia. tubing
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Winner - Grab Handle Shootout

See for yourself, the world's best, strongest, safest, and warranted grab handles being tested and proven. Pulling and winching over 4,000 lbs of weight.

Can your grab handles handle a 4,000 lb passenger?

New & improved: 09-17-10 

Winner of the Grab Handle Shoot Out 2008. See for yourself why the ORTT grab handles are # 1 rated grab handles on the market.      With out a doubt, the best grab handle out there. As the name implies, Gnarly situations require the real thing! Often referred to as "Oh S#!t Grips". Because that's what you're calling out in gnarly situations. Made in the USA with the finest materials and workmanship. We use a patent pending non-skid material which really grips your roll bar for the most secure grip. Thermo molded handles, along with a built in stiffener ensure a safe and comfortable feel. With this intelligent design your handle will not collapse in on you. Only "Gnarly Grips" have this important feature built in. Military Spec. quality threads and stitching ( Box "X"). Know when cheap is OK and expensive is desirable. Do you have the worlds best grab handles on your ride ? You certainly can. Order now and replace those off shore cheapies. We towed this TJ Rubicon with just one small grip. Can one of your grips handle this. No pun intended. You'll also benefit from knowing your warranty is the longest in the industry. Yes, the longest !!! Private labeling available for qualified accounts. Perfect for Dune Buggies, Yamaha Rhinos, Polaris Rangers, golf carts, Use the small size (part # 5400) for CJs’ and YJ’s and 97 -02 TJ’s. Use the medium size (part # 5401) for 03-06 TJ’s & LJ’s / fronts. Use the large size (part # 5402) for 03-06 TJ’s & LJ’s / rears and center bar between speakers Use the mediums all around on 4 door JK's. Use the medium on the front for the 2dr JK's and large for the rear. Sold as each. Order 2 for a pair.



Application Guide
1986 & Earlier
1987 - 1996
1997 - 2001
2002 - 2006
JK (2 door)
2007 - 2009
JK (4 door)
2007 - 2009





When you need something to grab...



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Reviewer: Leun
08/20/2010 01:06pm
My wife bought the jeep handles for me as a gift. I am really enjoying your handles and they are holding up great.

My only disappointment that I have is that I was under the impression that I was getting four handles and not two. My wife bought
2 handles because both of us were thinking that your product came in pairs. Most other "oh shit" handles from other companies are sold in pairs, so thought it was the same for your company too. I was a bit disappointed but figured it was my own fault for not looking closer at your product description.
Great product and superb craftsmanship. Glad I did my homework and found your company.

Compton, Luen N III
Reviewer: Adam
08/20/2010 01:04pm
I installed the grasp handles a few days after receiving them. They work and look great, just as shown in your videos. I'm very pleased with the product, thanks.

-Adam K
Reviewer: Eric
08/20/2010 01:03pm

Been off-roading a few times with the new stuff. Get lots of compliments on the gnarly grips. People complain to me that they have bought other ones from other companies and people think those are junk, but everybody likes yours. Hopefully I have found some new customers for you. I am impressed with the larger tool kit, but luckily haven't had to use it. I was also impressed with the broken c-clip recovery tool, but haven't had to use it. I can weld and fabricate and at one point thought about making my own, after seeing yours. Hell no, yours is beautifully made and mine would never turn out that nice. Reasonable priced when you look at it and can see what work goes into it. I bought it for our off-road group, in case anyone breaks, since everyone runs rear c-clip axles. My next order with you will be for the large first aid kit. Hopefully we will never have to use it but I think it is important to have with on the trails. Glad I saw you add in four-wheeler.

Eric Kimbrough
Reviewer: Grammatis
08/20/2010 01:02pm
Hi Tat,

Thank you for asking – everything is o.k. –the order arrived very fast and without complications - the grab handles are a really though product!
I mount them on my 08 Jeep Wrangler JK 2.8 CRD (I know – you do not have this engine in USA)
Here is a pic from my Yellow Rubi:
What can say – you company offers a very good customers service!!!

Greetings from Germany
Grammatis Ritzalis
Reviewer: Mark M.
08/20/2010 01:00pm

The grab handles are the heat! Very well made, and I like that they don't hang down, but stay up tight to the roll bar.

Thanks for checking in.


Mark M.
Reviewer: Dave
08/20/2010 12:57pm
Excellent service and Products as always!!! I'll be ordering some more grab handles for Xmas!!
See ya on the flip side!

Reviewer: shawn
08/20/2010 12:54pm
I couldn't wait to install them actually. I had previously returned some lower end grips from another company and decided to pay a little extra for US made, high quality grips. Your's do not disappoint.

I love 'em!

Reviewer: Ralph
08/03/2008 09:59pm
Got a set of these from Offroad Trail Tools to replace my Quadratec brand neoprene grab handles. I need these handles not just to stabilize myself when offroad but also to get up into the vehicle. Comfort-wise, these are FAR better than my neoprene grab handles. The handle doesn't rotate, they don't slip on the roll bar, which was a problem with my grips. These are very comfortable and I feel like I actually have something stable to hold onto now. A big step up for a cheap price. Also got an "Oh Sh!t" tee shirt from them which is very cool. Thanks for a good grip guys.
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