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Tray Table, Fold-Down - Aluminum, Fits Wranglers 87-10, JK, TJ, LJ, YJ, Samurai tailgates
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Product line for sale. Amazing opportunity for you. We’re looking to sell the following product portion of ORTT. Many award winning parts. This includes the Portable Wheel Chocks, Fold down Tray tables, Recovery strap holders, Under Hood Tool boxes, TJ & LJ Cooler Fan Brackets, TJ & LJ Water cans holders. We’re looking to just, recoup tooling and engineering cost on these. Please serious enquiries only.

Winner -  Top Choice Award

Innovative and useful!.   Imagine this - finally having a place to set all those items you use when your're wheeling for the day or camping. The perfect place to cook meals on or set snacks on. How about a place to set the lantern while your're setting up camp? Or maybe you just need a place to set your tackle box. This durable fold-down tray table will be one of the most useful parts on your Jeep. 

They say it’s a compliment when someone copies you, with that we’d like to say “thank you.”

As you might have seen the copy of the original Off Road Trail Tools fold down tray table, we wanted you to be armed with the knowledge that will enable you to make the best decision possible when choosing the tray table that’s right for you.

Your Jeep tailgate and its hinges aren’t designed to support that much weight.

Keeping this in mind, we purposely keep the area and load bearing surfaces smaller. In turn, keeping the weight rating to a realistic number. 

The other one on the market claims to support XXX number of pounds. In marketing the table they show a person standing on one.  That’s nice,’s something to think about.

An average 33” tire and steel rim wheel combo weight in at about 75 lbs.  A 35” tire and steel wheel weigh in at about 85 lbs. (some more, some less). 

What does all that extra weight do to the tailgate and its hinges?  It destroys them.  Ever wonder we see so many bumper manufacturers making tire carriers to get the weight off the tailgate? We even see tailgate tire carrier upgrades being offered.


Made in the USA.

  • Thin, strong and light weight
  • Precision CNC laser cuts & bends
  • Tig welded and dimpled died
  • Non-rusting aluminum, Stainless steel hardware
  • Self retracting captive pins
  • Drain holes, no cables or arms getting in the way
  • Natural finish
  • Use for just about anything that requires a flat surface
  • Fits Jeep Wranglers, 87-10 JK, TJ, LJ and YJ and Samurai's

 1-21-10 Update: Part # 5048.  New & larger tray designed specifically for the JK's.  Ask to be put on the list, for the first run. 


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Reviewer: George "Moab Man" Pandoff
09/07/2008 11:45pm
Outstanding product. You can read MOABJEEPER Magazine's review at:
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