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Super Siphon, 6' x 1/2 diameter
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Do you ever need to transfer liquid from one place to another?  This is the really easy way. Clean & Quick.

Features: • Siphon 5 gallons of liquid in 90 seconds!!! • Super Siphon will safely transfer fuels, gasoline, diesel, water. • 6 Feet of FDA grade poly tubing included. • Super Siphon is simple and easy to use! • Super Siphon has a high quality brass fitting for excellent longevity.

Just drop the pump end, which works like a check valve, into whatever liquid you want to siphon and snap the hose up and down a few times to start the flow. (NOTE: The "siphon-from" container MUST be higher than the "siphon-to" container.) The check valve allows the liquid in the hose, but not back out. When enough liquid gets into the hose, the Super Siphoning effect takes over ... Just lower the end of the hose into your container and the liquid starts flowing! Safely and Easily Transfer Liquids! Transfer a 5 gallon container of gas quickly without any dripping. Also good for transferring diesel, gas, or oil. With just a few quick shakes to start the siphoning. Siphoning has never been easier! Here's a super practical product for a super price! The Super Siphon is a perfect siphoning tool for: Fuel - Gas or Diesel or Water . Get 2 of them, one for water and one for fuel. Just make sure to put tape (Rescue tape works well) or some type of markings on the hose so you'll know which one to use with the water.

Great companion during hiking, fishing and backpacking!

And so much more! Antifreeze, coolants, petrol, keep in your tool kit for any emergency.  Made in the USA.


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Reviewer: Mike
08/23/2010 12:34pm
Hi to you Tat!

I took the MWC to the Baja 1000, nice piece, thanks. I also took the super siphon and you should have seen the look of relief on my guys face when he realized that he wasn’t going to be trying to get the taste of gas out his mouth for the next few hours!

Thanks and best of luck,
Reviewer: RON MEARS
07/08/2009 11:36am
Amazing, this thing actually works as advertised! Just put the end with the metal gizmo into the source fluid and press down rapidly a couple of times, and, sure enough, the source container begins to drain. The 1/2" hose also makes the process quick and easy. I thought it would just be a gimick when I ordered it, but it's actually a very useful tool for those who might not enjoy the taste of gasoline.
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