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Recovery Strap Holder, Black, 2" Aluminum, Lockable, O.R.T.T.
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The problem:   Easy access to a recovery strap. Many times over I've heard or experienced the following. Where did we put the recovery strap? Tired of digging that recovery strap out of a box or bag. Where do we put the wet strap? What if you can't open that door or tailgate? How hard is it going to be finding that strap at the bottom of that box or bag?

The solution:  An easy and accessible recovery strap holder. One that’s easily mountable inside or outside of the vehicle.

 Whether it's a Jeep, F.J. Crusier, Hummer, Defender, Rover, or Rock buggy. Maybe you need one for your pick up. Works well with buggies, or Rhino's and or Ranger's.   Desert racers, why not have a quick and fast way to get yours? 

Here's some more ideas on where they can be mounted, tail gates, bumpers, tire carriers, roof racks. Roll bars, or interior plastic panels.   

 Manufactured from a non- rusting, light weight, non-sparking material. Can be pad locked. You'll always have that recovery strap when you want it or need it. Simply coil the strap and insert the outside handle loop thru the door. Shut the door/ cover. Now install the stainless steel wing nut. Then the pad lock. You’re done. This will keep your strap from walking away. Can be used with either a 20' or 30' length strap.

These are powder coated semi-gloss Black to match most bumpers, tire carriers, roof racks, etc.  

Also designed to work with the Four Treks mounts as well. Part #'s  5430 and 5431.

For the 3” wide version see Part # 5078 or # 5078 Blk.

Straps and pad locks sold separately. Provisional patent pending applied for.

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SKU: 5077
Recovery Strap, Holder, 2", Aluminum, Lockable, O.R.T.T.


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Reviewer: Kevin
08/23/2010 03:06pm
Everything has worked out great. I plan to order more items in the future.
Reviewer: James
08/23/2010 02:21pm
I have received my order, and I am very happy with the product.
Thanks for the speedy delivery and great service, and look forward to doing business with ORTT in the future.

James M.
Reviewer: James G
08/23/2010 02:19pm
The brackets exceeded my expectations. Thank you for the wonderful customer service.
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