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Flexible Socket Holder, 3/8 Blk
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Part of what makes these so cool for the off roader is the fact that they are plastic. No rust. No noise, no clanging around. Leave them in the sun, water, ice. You can bend them to make it easier to store in soft side tools bags, or in small places.

You get your choice of Red or Black. Comes in ¼”,  3/8” or ½” drive. Sold each.  Each rail holds 14 sockets.  Urethane is a bullet proof plastic that is undamaged by gasoline, oil or nasty aircraft lubricants. It is used on the space shuttle and in exotic engineering applications where strength and long life is critical. It is the perfect material for making soft tools.

Made in the USA. Patented.  Note: Please spray with Silicone once a year.

Moab Jeeper Top Choice Award

Winner of Moab Jeeper Magazine Top Choice Award.  "Sometimes the best ideas are oh-so-simple, and that is what Off Road Trail Tools specializes in.  Great ideas kept simple!."  Read the full article here: 


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Reviewer: Sean
08/20/2010 01:36pm
Everything is great!!! The deflators are the proverbial "bomb"!!! and the socket holders are awesome -great idea!
Now if I could only afford all the rest of the cool stuff you guys sell!!!
Seriously, everything worked as promised,...
So, thanks and keep up the good work

A satisfied customer!
PS If you need any product trail-tested, just send it to me, I can break pretty much anything...

Reviewer: Kyle
08/20/2010 01:35pm
I got them out of the box, screwed around with them a bit and was really impressed on how well the sockets hold. Sadly, I have not put them into use as my tools are scattered about and I'm missing a few key components... I should have gotten these earlier :)

The products impressed a few of my wheeling friends and I'll pass your store information on to them - great products at great prices. Thanks.

Reviewer: Michael W
08/20/2010 01:34pm
Thanks. The picture says it all!

You carry a lot of great items; I just need the time and/or money to place another order. Everything was great. I had a little trouble fitting some sockets on the holders, but eventually did it. The wrench roll is awesome also. I've actually been meaning to order another, and I need one more socket holder too.

Thanks again.
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