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Clean Air Scoop with Filter, Jeep, Wrangler, 98-06, TJ , Rubicon
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Cool Gift Jeep Cabin Filter

A break-through at last, now you can have that crucial part that Daimler Chrysler forgot to put in your Jeep Wrangler TJ and LJ.

I’m sure that you’ve experienced being on the trail, eating dust all day long. Choking and coughing, rubbing dirt off your skin and out of your eyes, hoping your camera and other equipment is still clean. I’m also sure that you’ve been the one to have spent hours cleaning, vacuuming and blowing out dust and dirt after a trip.

 Did you know the air coming into the cabin isn’t filtered? A cabin air filter is used because you have to inhale clean and healthy air inside. Without this cabin air filter, you, as well as other occupants of your Jeep, the atmosphere inside will be full of pollens and dust. Not the healthiest of conditions.

Off Road Trail Tools now offers a solution – the O.R.T.T. Clean Cabin Air Intake, a kit whose primary function is to provide you and your occupants with fresh, clean air; free of most dirt, debris, allergens and smog odors.  Along with filtering out most particulate matter and dust, the intake provides increased air flow for better efficiency for your HVAC.

 Discover all the benefits of this set up.
  • You’ll breathe cleaner air.
  • You’ll save valuable time when cleaning up.
  • You’ll have improved efficiency of the HVAC
  • You’ll have something that Jeep forgot to install.
  • You’ll have protected electronics, such as cameras, laptops, GPS’, and iPods’

Read on for more information

What exactly is the O.R.T.T. Clean Cabin Air Intake?

The kit consists of 2 primary parts – a scoop and a filter. Many hours of development went into this system for you. We’ve taken the trial and error out of the equation and designed a system that works (no fumbling around) to make sure it that it will all work right).

The scoop was designed to fit securely on the cowl of your Jeep (not some cheesy air scoop that’s taped on). It took four different mold designs to ensure that the scoop did not lift or whistle at speed and to fit the cowl-body correct. The scoop looks like a scoop (rather than a shovel). The scoop assembly resists the sun’s harmful UV rays and is impact resistant. Roto - molded by the same company that does cold air intakes for K&N, Banks and Kenne Bell, to name a few.

In the manufacturing process we use a high grade of cross linked polyethylene that provides a quality finish along with the durability of being a high impact construction. The O.R.T.T. Clean Cabin Air Intake is held solidly in place with 9 aircraft quality nut-serts. We include the tool for installation.

Now for the filter. We chose a filter that represents what filtration should be about.

The air filter is a micro-layer cotton construction with wire mesh. This is one of the only filters to be tested using the ISO 5011 method (most manufacturers won’t even use this method due to its tough standards).

Maintaining the filter is easy; wash it out when it gets dirty. Re-useable (can be used many times over).  Most types of air cleaner cleaning kits, or simply soap and water to clean your filter.

The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) establishes and specifies uniform test procedures, conditions, equipment and a performance report to permit direct laboratory performance comparison of air filters and induction systems.

Testing to these high standards enables the filter manufacturer to accurately measure filters against not only OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] equipment, but also to the competition, allowing them to establish an air filter performance benchmark.

ISO is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies. The work of preparing International Standards is normally carried out through ISO technical committees. The specific individual International Standard utilized by air filter manufacturers and automotive manufacturers establishes and specifies uniform test procedures, conditions, equipment, and a performance report to permit the direct laboratory performance comparison of air cleaners, in this case, those used on internal combustion engines and compressors used in automotive and industrial applications.

The performance characteristics of greatest interest are airflow restriction (differential pressure), dust collection efficiency and dust capacity. The ISO 5011 Standard is what these filters adhere to (the highest standard possible). This is the standard that all performance filter manufacturers should be using to develop their products.

The end result is simple - increased air flow by reducing the restriction of the air filter. Trust your clean cabin air needs to O.R.T.T., whose choice is a filter manufacturer who tests to these standards.

As you can see, using this O.R.T.T. Clean Cabin Air Intake system will provide you and your passengers with many rewarding years of cleaner air and all the benefits that come with it.





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